It has been almost 2 months since my last post. My initial aim for this site is to allow myself writing and outputting my thoughts and ideas, but it seems like I am too "busy" to keep up with this habit. Well, as part of my 2020 new year resolution, I will reestablish this habit and continue my writing journey.

2019 is almost ended 2019 is ended. I was going to write this post earlier but heck, here we are. In the beginning of 2019, I labeled this year as "沉淀" which means to slow things down and take them easy. Apparently, it was neither a good nor bad year after all. When I look back at what I have done in 2019, I realize there is nothing much worth to mention. What I might proudly mention is that I have completed two advanced level Salesforce certification exams, which are the Advanced Administrator Exam around July 2019 and Platform Developer II Exam around September 2019. The other not so noticeable achievement would be my skills growth and experiences in Salesforce and AWS technology. That sums up my entire 2019 and nothing much has changed, except I am 1 year old than now.

I don't feel like I am doing well in 2019. I have a very strong feeling that my health condition is getting worse. I used to have good records of not getting sick in the entire year, but now, I am getting sick almost every quarter of the year, that's like 3-4 times a year. Sometimes, I am getting nose bleed for no reason as well. I suspected my eating habit and lifestyle is the main culprit of my bad health. We used to prep the whole week's food on weekend. We will store the cooked food in the freezer and defreeze it the day before. I am not sure how much frozen cooked food will affect the nutrition loss, but I guess it has something to do with my poor immune system. We might also eat too much junk food and consume too much unwanted calories throughout the day too. And that is what I would like to change in 2020 - no more frozen cooked food, junk food and bad calories. I will control my calories intake and avoid bad calories at all cost.

As for lifestyle, I am sitting for too long every day and I am not getting enough of exercises. We canceled the gym membership in 2018 and we thought bringing in the gym equipment to our home will motivate us to workout more, in fact, it didn't help us much with our workout plan though. All the gym equipments are sitting there getting dusk. Hence in 2020, I am planning to workout 4-5 times a week consistently. I might want to try workout twice a day, cardio in the morning and weight lifting at night. This time is for real and I mean it! We will see how that goes. I will also regulate my sleeping hours, for example, waking up at 7am and getting to sleep before 1am. I think that should be able to achieve. We shall see.

In 2020, I am going to label this year as "拼搏" and "突破". This means that I need to work "extremely harder" to achieve greatness. I'm going to pour myself all in for whatever I do without excuses. I was too immersed in my own comfort zone and not trying hard enough to achieve anything, and I want to change it. In 2020, I am going to break the whole year into first half and second half. For the first half (Jan - June), I am going to focus on the following:

1. Start new diet and carry out workout plan
We will have our wedding in June 2020. We only have 5 months to lose weight and tone our body. Time is ticking and this will be our top priority of everything. We must be in our best shape for the wedding!
P/S: I will write another post on how we will manage our diet and stick with the plan.

2. Systematically learning to boost my core skills and abilities
I will focus on rebuilding my skills and abilities by getting more certifications. I began my Salesforce journey back in 2018, and I found out the best way to learn something is not only get your hands onto it, but also getting certified. I have obtained 3 Salesforce certifications in 2018 and 2 advanced level Salesforce certifications in 2019. This year, my focus will be on both Salesforce and AWS. I am aiming to complete AWS Cloud Pratitioner and AWS Associate Solution Architect certification exams before June 2020. I will decide whether to get more Salesforce certifications or AWS certifications in the second half of the year.

3. Improve soft skills
I am aiming to write post at least once a week. The content of the post can be in any topic, such as product review, skill or experience shares, thoughts and ideas, and etc. The main idea is to keep writing, boosting my writing and organizing skills.

I will do/practice at least 4-5 Leetcode problems to freshen up my coding skill. As a developer, getting this skill-set sharp is very important in many aspects and I am sure every developer understands it.

I will also work on my communication skills. I know this is a very huge topic to discuss, but all I am trying to say is to be more confident when communicating with others.

4. Be persistent and motivated, be the motivation
Without persistence and motivation, none of these things can be achieved. Not only I need to get motivated, I need to be the motivation and inspiration to others as well. As a famous Chinese old saying goes, life will not treat a motivated and hardworking person badly.

No more laying back and being lazy, so don't ruin it! Stay positive and throw away all the negative/useless/pointless stuffs behind and look forward to a brand new year! For this time, let's get serious and be responsible to yourself.

Let's do it! I truly believe you can do it!

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