2020 is almost reaching the end. It has been one hell of a ride, the outbreak of coronavirus pendemic has become a major disaster for all of us, taking away so many lives and heavily impacting everyone's work and lifestyle. Thankfully, vaccines are getting ready to distribute and hopefully the pandemic will go away soon and get back to normal.

Looking back at what I wrote for this year, I gave myself a label for my 2020 - "拼搏" and "突破". Well, that was before the coranavirus outbreak. But still, I did manage to complete some of the goals:

1. Start new diet and carry out workout plan
My wife and I did not complete this. We planned to have our wedding on June 2020, and we wanted to look great, but due to COVID-19, everything's changed, delayed or canceled. As a result, we did not start a new diet or carry out workout plan. Though it is so much difficult to stick with a workout plan at home, but I will try my best to keep a healthy diet, it is my own health after all. Without a healthy body, everything else is just nothing.

2. Systematically learning to boost my core skills and abilities
This is what I am proud of. I have passed 7 Salesforce certification exams this year (May 2020 - July 2020). I also built a new website called Salesforce Cert which helps students to pass in Salesforce certification exams. I also published a course in Udemy as well. In August 2020, I began my first semester at Georgia Tech taking only one database course. I got an A for that class which I am so happy about! Overall, I am pretty contented for what I have done this year in terms of boosting my core skills and abilities.

3. Improve soft skills
I guess this is what I am lacking of. I aimed to write blog post at least once a week, but I did not manage to do so. While I was preparing for Salesforce certifications, I did write quite a lot of blog post sharing my Salesforce certification preparation notes, but then no more new post ever since. I might want to pick this habit up again, keep writing and sharing!

I also wrote that I am going to work on 4-5 Leetcode problems to freshen up my coding skills. I am so embarrassed about this - honestly, I don't like to do this, but I am going to start doing this again because it is so important to keep my coding skill sharp, especially for the developers who are seeking to advance their career.

The last item was to work on my communication skills. Well, unfortunately, I didn't have too many opportunities to work on my communication skills either. About that, I would like to change too. Not sure how to accomplish this yet, but I will keep this in my mind.

4. Be persistent and motivated, be the motivation
This is also what I am lacking of. I was kind of like a bummer - a person who is so negative and can't think of anything good. Well, I will try to change my attitude, be positive!

Now let's get to ACTION!

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Photo by Jakob Owens / Unsplash

ACTION "行动" is my motto for 2021. What it means is that instead of all the planning and stuff, I will take real action to accomplish what I plan. With a strong will and persistence, 2021 is going to be my breakthrough year. Lots of things are going to change for good and I am very determined I can do it! Don't be afraid and let's step out of comfort zone! You are at your prime years, never settle and stay strong! Of course, stay healthy is one of my primary tasks in 2021 too.

Good luck and all the best! Rooting for a new and better you!

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