As a Salesforce Flow Builder Enthusiast, building advanced and complex business process flow is part of my daily job. Today, I have encountered a bizarre error message when trying to save the flow:


The error message is show as below:

The number for the Y coordinate of the location must be positive and not greater than 9000.

At first, I thought that might probably be some typos in the flow element or some sort. I double checked and didn't find any issue with the elements. Another thought came across my mind, maybe it was because my flow was too... large?

Hence, I started gradually removing some unnecessary parts but the errors were still there. At some point, I was going to remove the newly added elements and thought of moving the flow to another flow.

While I was multi-dragging the elements across the palette, I accidentally found out that the total error messages were decreased when I hit the save button! Eventually, I realized that it was because my flow was out of range.

Hey @Salesforce, can you believe that?

Well, I hope this post can be useful to others. Cheers!

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