It has been quite a long while since my last post. To be honest, it is just that I am getting kind of sleazy lately.

In the beginning of March, the coronavirus hit New York and it had been a very tough time for all of us during that period of time. We were all working remotely from home and the company wasn't in good shape either. It got me thinking, "What am I gonna do with my life then?" There's not much things that I could do right now, especially with this pandemic going on that had crashed everyone's life like hell.

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I decided to spend some time to obtain more Salesforce certfications since Salesforce was kind of like my livelihood and I had experiences working with Salesforce technologies for a few years now. Prior to this, I had already obtained 5 Salesforce certifications. As a result, I began with this journey and working out on these items from my bucket list.

I gave myself roughly 2 weeks time to complete each certification. My certification journey began in May 2020 and it took me roughly 3 months to complete 7 Salesforce certifications in a row! Now, I am a 12x certified Salesforce professional!

In the mid June of 2020, I also started my own website - Salesforce Cert. Since I was also preparing for the certification exams, I thought why not making it a course for students as well? Since then, I started gathering all the resources I need and began building the website from the ground up. Currently, there are only 3 courses available but I am dedicated to put more courses out there soon!

In the mid August of 2020, my first semester at Georgia Tech as a M.S. CS student had begun. I took the Database Systems course for my very first course at Georgia Tech. Even though this is an online course, the coursework and standard is nothing less than the one offered in campus. I thought I was doing okay but I was merely the average in class which saddens me a little. Anyway, there is still a long way to go and I will be working hard to finish my master degree in next 2-3 years!

I wish I am more actively involved in writing blog posts but somehow this seems to be in a very low priority right now. I will get back to writing blog post more regularly.

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Well, that's all of it! You might wonder why I said that I am sleazy but keep mentioning a lot of my achievements? It is because I have not told you guys that I play computer games so much lately, slacking off with politics and other stuff, watching videos and tv shows so much more than ever. Every morning after waking up from the bed, I will be sitting in front of computer all day long without any exercise and I am getting so fat now!

I am so gonna break this bad cycle of life and be the awesome people! Well, this is such a random post for random people like you. Hope you still like it! Ciaoz!

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