Before I begin this post, let me share with you guys what Huel is. Huel a company that produces powdered based food product that contains lots of nutritions that our body needs. You can think of Huel as a food supplement, just like the protein powder that we usually drink after workout to replenish our protein intake, except that Huel is marketed as complete meal that is in powdered form. For more information about Huel, please visit their website I am just going to share my thought and experience about Huel product then.

NOTE: this review is written on 2/5/2020, the content might not be up-to-date, but this is my own review on my website, so whatever 😏

Where did I hear about Huel?

Honestly, I don't quite remember where I heard about huel initially. I guess it was originally from Amazon when I was browsing for some supplements. There were quite many other competitors such as Soylent and TrueFit, but Huel actually caught my eye. The more I dig into Huel, the more I like about Huel. After some serious research on Huel product, I decided to give it a try.

What do I like about Huel?

  1. First of all, Huel website is clean and sleek. It is easy to use and navigate, not only the user interface is well-designed, the information and description are clearly written and very informative, and that are the first few reasons why I am in love with Huel already. Nowadays, it is so easy to setup a brand new website with e-commerce feature (like Huel using Shopify), but it is not that everyone can manage a website properly. So, thumbs up for that πŸ‘.

  2. The delivery is quick and reliable. The package arrived on time without any issues. The free t-shirt and shaker bottle (for first timer only 😏) are also included in the box along with some brochures and stuff. The overall service is satisfying.

  3. They really put quite a lot of efforts in their advertisements and social media platforms. Maybe I was wrong to think of them as "startup" company where things are usually quite messed up or not that well organized. They actually seem to have everything taken care of, so good job on that too!

  4. The taste of Huel is not bad actually. I bought the Huel Black last month and I am on Huel v3.0 already. Personally, I like the berry flavor (a mixture of strawberry, raspberry and blueberry) taste the most, second goes to Vanilla flavor, and lastly Chocolate flavor. I have not tried their flavor boost taster pack before, so I cannot comment on that.

  5. The convenience and simplicity of Huel is what I like it the most. I used to skip breakfast because I "don't have time" to make it. Now, I am drinking Huel almost every morning. Sometimes, I drink Huel when my body is craving for food and my brain keeps signaling me with bad choices, like binge eating junk food 😞. So it definitely is a good way to control our diet and calories intake. For starters, 2 scoops of Huel should be enough for a meal and that is only 400 calories, far less than any other food that you might have eaten.

  6. I believe the Huel I drink is legit in nutrition wise.

  7. The cost of Huel is less than $2 for each meal (2 scoops). Though some might think it is quite expensive for powdered based food, I think the cost is affordable and reasonable, considering how convenient it is to use and how much nutritions we can absorb from it.

What do I dislike about Huel?

  1. The smelly, rotten-egg-like fart πŸ’¨ is really unbearable πŸ˜‚. I have had it for about 2 weeks long, thankfully the smelly fart situation seems to be getting better now. Reason being, our bowel is not accustomed to the fiber source from Huel which causes irregular bowel movement and that creates lots of nasty farts.

  2. Digestion issue after I drank Huel (probably it is just me). Sometimes my stomach doesn't feel well after I drank Huel in the morning and had regular lunch in the afternoon. The good thing is that the bad gastric stomach feeling does not last long. I realize that my bad stomach problem usually happens if I drink Huel before my regular lunch. So if you do need to eat regular lunch, allowing your body to take at least 4 hours to digest before you eat regular meal.

  3. Huel doesn't really last long. It can solve the hunger issue temporarily, but I would say 2 to 3 hours tops. It can't really replace our regular meal, unless if you try more scoops until you feel all full and bloated.

Would I recommend Huel to others?

My answer is sure, why not!

Two big pack of huel powders only cost $65 if you do subscription (or $72.22 for single purchase). There is no shipping fee or tax included if you are based in US (not sure about other countries). Plus, you can use my referral code below to get an additional $15 off!

For first time registered user, you will also get a free t-shirt (probably worth $10 or less) and a shaker bottle (also worth $10 or less). If you do the math, you are only paying $30 for these two big powdered packs (34 meals), only $1 for each meal!

$65(subscription) - $15 (referral) - $10 (t-shirt) - $10 (shaker bottle) = $30

You can cancel the subscription at any time too! Putting it all together, it is definitely worth the price, even if you are just trying it out!

The Huel Black and Huel v3.0 that I bought in Dec 2019 and Jan 2020.

Well, that's all about Huel! Hope you guys enjoy reading this post!

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