Originally written in Medium but I decided to move them to my personal blog which is hosted by Heroku using Ghost platform. There are many reasons why I chose Ghost over Medium or Wordpress or any other platform, but I probably might write it in another post then. Anyway, here's my original post with slight modification.

I have been wanting to write something in public site for a very long time. Time really flies so fast that 2018 has already been over and now it is the end of January 2019 already. Where is my year 2019 resolution?

I guess there are some reasons preventing me from writing publicly. First of all, I am not confident on what I write. I wanted to write something professionally or something worth to be shared, but I am afraid of misleading readers with the wrong information, and honestly, I am not comfortable of being criticized yet. Plus, English is not my mother language and I am kind of concern with the grammars and stuff, hence it actually takes me quite some time on the post structure, sentence syntax and etc.

The second reason is lack of time. I know this is just an excuse and I know I’m just being lazy and disorganised, but I still want to lay it out here.

The final reason is that I don’t have a single clue on what to write and how to write a post that is meaningful and worth to share. I want to write something motivational yet I myself am not self-motivated to do so. I want to share some knowledge from work or personal gain, yet have no time to sort and sum it up.

Back to when I was still a young kid in high school, I used to post a lot of blogs that are based on my emotions, trip’s experience and etc. Most of them were just my inner expression on certain thoughts and such. Every time I felt angry or unfair, instead of spitting out to friends, I would rather rant it out on my personal blog. I set my blog to private, so nobody can ever know what is going on with me. When I got a little older, I stopped writing and started forgetting about those little things that I wrote years back. When I took a look at the blog posts that I wrote, all I ever saw was those negative thoughts filled with anger and sadness. That makes me wonder what have I been throughout all those years?

So, how do I start?

I am aware of all the problems that I’m having right now and I think it is the time to face it and do it right. In my 2019 new year resolution, one of my resolutions is to finish one book every month. Currently, I am reading the book “Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide” written by John Somnes and it sorts of urging me to start writing something every once in a while. In this book, the way how he writes the book makes it very easy to consume and understand, pretty casual yet still able to deliver strong message to the readers.

Next, I will review on the book I read and make sure what is being read will become my own intelligent assets. I will also make use of this blog to share my findings on what I have researched on regardless of the content type, as long as the content that I wrote is not harmful, useful and somewhat can influence or inspire the readers. The idea of this whole writing stuff is to practice how to write quickly and fluently. Not only will it improve my writing and organization skills, it will also broaden and deepen my knowledge.

My name is Issac and I am a Salesforce Admin & Developer (at the time I wrote this post). This is my very first post and I hope you guys like it! Thanks for reading!

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