I recently have cultivated a new habit of reading book. The first book that I finished was the “The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide” by John Sonmez. He somehow managed to influence me to read more books.

I always have my Kindle on reading various kind of books while I am on commute, or when I have nothing better to do. Since I am on the Kindle subscription and that I can rent the Kindle Unlimited book for free, I have rented a couple of books for free and I found that reading books this way is actually much more effective than watching video tutorials, visiting websites, reading PDF guides and etc. Here is why: I have already paid for the subscription and if I don't actually use it to read books, I am just wasting the money. I make a promise that I will always summarize on my reading outcome, hence I will want to finish the book quicker, resulting in more books are read in a shorter timeframe. One might argue this way of reading might not be ideal, for me, I am just trying to explore the best way for me to read books. When a book is too long and less fun, I will get bored of reading it quickly. While reading a shorter book allows me to quickly touch on various topics and absorb them swiftly.

About a week or two ago, I bought a new Kindle Paperwhite E-book Reader and I am really in love with it. Before getting myself a Kindle reader, I would use the Kindle app on my smartphone but reading in smartphone not only consume a lot of battery life, I would also get distracted by every kind of push notifications or switch to other app and so on. Reading in a smaller LED screen makes my eye sore and fatigue. So, when I saw there was a discount on Kindle Paperwhite, I straight away ordered one and I am glad that I bought it. To be honest, it was such a good investment for my personal growth. Not only does it solve the problem of reading on smartphone, it also make me fall in love of reading. I don’t know why there are quite some negative reviews on Kindle Paperwhite, I found Kindle reader pretty solid and worth every single penny ($99 the time I bought without tax). Not only does it have all the functions that I need, it is also very easy to use and navigate. Long lasting battery, water resistance, bluetooth, and all other cool stuff are added bonus for such budgeted Kindle Ebook-reader device.

It is February 2019 already. Last month, I have finished the Complete Software Developer's Career Guide book written by John Sonmez. This month, I actually have already finished more than one book that I aim to finish earlier. Initially, I started with The Clean Coder by Robert Martin. I have completed about 20% of the book and then I accidentally ran into a non-fiction book called Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup. It was based on a true story of a biotech startup company in Silicon Valley that claims to have a devised blood tests that only needed very a drop of blood. I have only finished half of it so far but so far I really like reading it, though it had lot of words that I need to lookup translation for, but still it is such an intriguing book that exposed the ugliness and cruelness of human nature in such wicked workspace environment.

I also came across some short technical books that claim to be finished in one day. I finished Learn Java in one day and LEARN IT WELL in about 2 - 3 days when I was on commute. One thing I like about this kind of shorter book is that I can finish reading the whole book quicker. Though the content is lesser, it doesn't mean there is nothing much to gain from. In fact, I find it easier to absorb the content compared to a longer and more technical book. Maybe it was just because the content was simpler, for whatever reason it is, as long as we are learning from it, that's all that matters for now.

Thereafter, I also finished Learn SQL in one day and LEARN IT WELL , Learn JavaScript VISUALLY, Learn CSS in one day and LEARN IT WELL,  Learn PHP in 2 hours and etc. Noted that all those books that I finished are free to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription. If you ask me which method of learning would I recommend, I would definitely recommend reading books, especially books that are supported by Kindle. You don't need Internet to view the websites or watch the videos. All you ever need is to have a Kindle on hand and you can start right away.

As a developer, I should also read some of the programmer classics such as Code Complete 2 by Steve McConnell, Dessign Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software by Erich Gamma, The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master by Andrew Hunt and etc. I am actually reading one of the very famous book about relationships, How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie, unfortunately I didn't find this book enjoyable to read, maybe it was just that I can't really relate with the used examples in the book at all.

Well, it's getting late now. I am stopping right here. Reading has become my new habit and I am so glad that I am getting down this road. For the next few posts, it will revolve around those books that I had read. So stay tuned!

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