is my personal blogging website which I started early this year. Prior to this, I used to have a blogging habit back when I was a high school kid. The blogging platform that I used was (now it's called Blogger) and I had it set as private so that nobody could read my posts. The posts were mostly about my own feelings and thoughts, that's why I had it set as private in the first place. I had continuously writing for roughly 3 years long, but then I stopped writing until recently.

Anyway, it took me quite some time to begin with this website. First off, I need to decide which platform shall I be using; I have tried,, and some other blogging platforms, but none of them really suits my taste. I want it to be professional and at the same time, I can manage it all on my own. I am so glad that I came across this blogging platform -, which not only provides me professional writing tools, it is also flexible, adaptable and most importantly, open source 😍😍! As a developer, I was already so hooked and started looking for solutions to host my website. For your information, this site is hosted on using Hobby Dyno which costing me $7.00/month. I could have just go with Free Dyno though, but I also wanted my domain to bind with free SSL certificate (came with Hobby-tier dynos and above), so I decided to use Hobby Dyno to host this website. I also spent an additional of $10/month for a larger database storage (JawsDB MySQL Leopard Shared Plan).

Installing ghost is actually kind of simple. I don't recall what I did exactly,  but I can definitely tell you that it is not that complicated. There's plenty user guides and tutorials out there, so getting ghost installed shouldn't be a problem.

Next, I did some minor tweaking here and there on the theme. I didn't do any major code reconstruction on the theme itself because I personally find this default ghost theme concise and beautiful.

It is the blog post that makes the website alive. My first couple of posts were about the summaries of the books that I read. I also posted some algorithms questions along with my thoughts and solutions. Other than that, I did some translations on some Chinese technical articles using my own words. Since I was planning on getting advanced Salesforce certifications at that time, my posts were mostly about the summaries of each topic covered in the exams and also some walkthroughs on the Salesforce projects.

To be honest, I am not expecting much from doing this (writing posts). I am doing this solely for my personal achievement. Of course, if the site can earns enough money to cover for the hosting costs, that would be the best thing that I am hoping for, and that's the reason why I am running Google Ads on my website as well.

Here's my target goal: earning $17 per month by running ads on my website. Why $17? Well, this is the minimum cost to get this site running. So far, my estimated earning for this month is about $3 (I will tell you guys where this $3 coming from later on). It's actually kind of exciting to see the earnings keep going up every day, even though it is merely enough for me to eat a bowl of noodles 😂😂 .

My website does not have a lot of site visitors until recently. Because completing the Salesforce Platform Developer II certification requiring the completion of trailhead projects, I decided to write posts based on the projects. Right after I completed all of the required projects, I started noticing a rapid growth of site visitors on my website!

The unique users are growing every day. The active users increase nearly exponentially for the past 3 months:

What's more, there're visitors/traffics from all over the world! As you can see, the visitors from India has the highest count among other countries. One might be able to conclude that India might have the most Salesforce developers, or at least it can indicate that Indian users are more likely to use search more often compared to users from other countries.

Most of the earnings come from impressions and clicks. If there's a click in the ads, you will be able to notice a significant increase of earnings in your report (well, it also depends on where the clicks come from). If you are using any ads blocker in your browser, then there will only be visitor without impressions because ads are already blocked by ads blocker.

Well, that's all about my sharing. Anyways, I want to thank you guys for reading this post and visiting this website. Apart from that, any good ideas on generating revenue from website? Feel free to comment and let me know! Thanks guys!

P/S: some random clicks of ads might help me achieve my goal sooner 😍😍 (thanks again!)

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