Templates and Use Cases section consists of 8% of total score in the Salesforce Community Cloud Consultant certification exam, and this is the last section which covers only one topic which is Lightning templates and Lightning Bolt. Without further ado, lets get started!

Guideline for Templates and Use Cases

  • Explain the capabilities and use of Lightning templates and Lightning Bolt.

Lightning Templates

  • Customer Account Portal
    • A private and secure place for customers to access and update their account information.
    • Improve customer relationships and decrease service costs by letting customers work in the portal.
    • Customers can see and pay invoices, update their account information, and search your knowledge base for answers to their most frequent questions.
    • Features (keywords) - Record Management, Third-Party Integration, Streamlined Profile, Knowledge Base
  • Partner Central
    • A flexible, responsive template designed for channel sales workflows.
    • Recruit, build, and grow your partner network to drive channel sales and marketing together in a branded online space.
    • Easily configure lead distribution, deal registration, and marketing campaigns.
    • Share training materials and sales collateral in a central space, and use reports to track your pipeline.
    • Features (keywords) - Onboarding, Channel Sales, Collaboration & Support, Analytics
  • Customer Service
    • A powerful, responsive self-service template with multiple prebuilt theme options.
    • The Customer Service template lets users post questions to the community, search for and view articles, collaborate, and contact support agents by creating cases.
    • Supports Knowledge, Chatter Questions, and cases.
    • Features (keywords) - Self-Service, Collaboration, Customization, Intelligence
  • Help Center
    • A public-access, self-service community that exposes the articles that you make available from your knowledge base.
    • You reduce the load on your customer support team, and your users get the satisfaction of finding their own solutions.
    • Features (keywords) - Self-Service, Curated Knowledge, Case Deflection, Guest Case Creation
  • Build Your Own
    • Provides the basic pages every community needs: Home, Create Record, Error, Record Detail, Record List, Related Record List, Search, Check Password, Forgot Password, Login, Login Error, and Register. Add more pages and components as needed for the experience you're building.
    • To refine the look of your community, customize your branding and themes.
    • Features (keywords) - Customizable, Flexible
  • Aloha
    • A configurable App Launcher template that lets users quickly find applications and access them using single sign-on authentication, including social logins.
    • Features (keywords) - Salesforce Identity (SSO), Third-Party Integration (API)
  • Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce
    • Standard Salesforce structure and tabs that you can customize using Visualforce.
    • Requires developer experience and advanced setup skills.
    • Allows full platform access with a flexible configuration and supports most standard objects, custom objects, and the Salesforce app.
    • Keep in mind that Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce isn't a Lightning-based template and therefore doesn't work with Experience Builder.
    • Features (keywords) - Standard & Custom Objects, Visualforce, Salesforce
  • Which Components Can I Use with Each Template?
  • NOTE: Self-Service template Koa and Kokua are retired in Summer 17 but still supported for previous org.

Lightning Bolt Solutions

  • Lightning Community Templates makes it easy to export your customized community and use it to jump-start new projects, or package and distribute it as a solution for others to use. Save time by building once, then reusing.

  • NOTE: it is not necessary to include any of them in a Lightning Bolt Solution.

  • Templates, Theme, or Page can be exported in Experience Builder > Settings > Developer:

    • Export a Template:
      - At most 3 images can be used as thumbnail.
      - At most 4 features can be included to describe the template.
      • You will see the notification when your template is exported successfully
      • You can find your exported templates at Setup > Communities > Lightning Community Templates:
      • You can create a new community with your new template:
    • Export a Theme:
      - At most 3 images can be used as thumbnail.
      - At most 4 features can be included to describe the template.
      • You can find your exported templates at Setup > Communities > Lightning Community Themes:
      • You can change your theme with your new template:
      • Off-topic - list of available themes as of now (June 2020):
    • Export a Page:
      • You can find your exported templates at Setup > Communities > Lightning Community Pages:
      • You can select your new page when creating new page:
  • Lightning Bolt Solution is a package that can be created to distribute various components including the following:

    • Community Templates and Pages
    • Lightning Apps
    • Flows
  • Steps to create Lightning Bolt Solution:

    1. Navigate to Setup > Lightning Bolt Solutions and create one:
      • At most 3 images can be added
      • At most 3 features can be added
    2. Choose the components (apps, flows, templates)
    3. Confirm and finish!
  • Find out your created Lightning Bolt Solution:

  • Steps to distribute your Lightning Bolt:

    1. Create a Package in Setup > Package Manager:
    2. Add Lightning Bolt to the package:
    3. Upload Package

There you have it! This is the last part of Salesforce Community Cloud Consultant Exam Preparation series, hope you guys have a wonderful time and I will see you in next series soon! Take care!

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