In this post, we are going to talk about how to "Google" stuff like a pro.

Even though Google search bar itself is very powerful already, however, you can make your search even more precise and accurate. Let's dig in!


You can input your search text, and then type site: with the website domain name to specify your result to show from the site you specified only. For example, you want to search for the results from



You can search for specific file type like this filetype: and then with the file extension. You can specify any filetype you like, ex: PPT, docx, etc. Here's how you can search for pdf file:



If you are interested of searching for a specific url, here you can type inurl: along with the url you want. For example, you want to search for a php file that takes id as parameter, you can type something like this: inurl:.php?id=:


Of course, you can search for any phrases that you like, you get what I mean.


Like what you might have thought, this can be used to search for specific text on the website:


If you want to find related websites but you only know very few of them, you can use related: along with the domain name that you know. For example, you know but you also want to find out other similar websites:


There are also many other ways to refine your web searches, here is the link from Google that you might also like:

That's all about it! Hope this helps!

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