I have recently finished my first semester (Fall 2020) taking only one course - CS6400 Database System Concepts and Design in OMSCS program from Georgia Tech. I felt really great about it, not solely because the course was awesome but because I managed to do well in this class, not to mention that it is so important to get an A (which I did) for my very first semester here at prestigious university - Georgia Tech!

Generally speaking, this course is not that difficult (other reviews might say otherwise). Exams are tricky, but if you know your stuff really well (watch lecture videos and read the textbook) and be super careful when doing the exam questions, you probably would do just fine. The projects are manageable, you will work with your teammates, follow the given instructions and make sure to ask questions whenever possible (you will be using Piazza to communicate with the TAs/instructors mostly). The TA is super responsive and your question would be probably answered in within 3 minutes (though the response sometimes is hard to comprehend).

Honestly, I really learn a lot from this course. First of all, it really broadens my view and understanding about the courses offered in Georgia Tech. The course that I took is top-notch and your classmates are really smart too. In my first exam, my exam score was barely on the average line and it really got me thinking: I need to work much harder to do better next time. Secondly, I managed to learn so much about the concepts of database systems and how to design a good database schema as well. You also got to learn and practice your SQL skill-sets in the last phase of the project.

Overall, I really like this course and would recommend to anyone else who is interested in Database Systems Concepts and Design.

Difficulty: 3/5
Workload: less than 10 hours a week
Quality: 3/5 (lecture videos could be made better)
Recommend Others: Yes

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